Infodemic Proportionaliteit Tegenspraak Wetenschap

Selection-bias ondermijnt begrip van ernst Covid19

Collider bias can arise when researchers restrict analyses on a collider variable13,14,15. Within the context of COVID-19 studies, this may relate to restricting analyses to those people who have experienced an event such as hospitalization with COVID-19, been tested for active infection or who have volunteered their participation in a large scale study (Fig. 2a). Among hospitalized patients, the relationships between any variables that relate to hospitalization will be distorted compared to among the general population. The magnitude of this distortion can be large, inducing associations that do not exist in the general population or attenuating, inflating or reversing the sign of existing associations16. As such, associations based on ascertained COVID-19 datasets may not reflect patterns in the population of interest (i.e. lack of external validity)

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